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Monday Moodboard: High Summer

We haven’t done a moodboard in a while, but tonight I’m feeling well, moody.  After a glorious day off, spent traipsing around Boston, I’ve settled on to my couch to wax poetic, at least in the visual sense, about how much I love summer.  Below are some of the pictures that sum up all those feelings for me.

What’s your favorite summer memory thus far?


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Movement: An Easy Way To Keep Your Breasts Healthy

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and guest blogger Hilary Donaldson tells us how to keep our breasts healthy though movement and mindfulness.  Thanks Hilary!

We are all concerned about our breast health as women today. According to U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics, breast cancer will affect around 1 out of every 10 women during their lifetime. Our breasts are very important to us. They provide nourishment to our babies, make us feel beautiful as women, and give us pleasure. So let’s talk about how to protect these amazing breasts of ours through movement.

breast health

Moving our breasts whether through massage, running, or foreplay is extremely important for maintaining healthy tissue and a healthy lymphatic system, yet as time has progressed, we have found more ways to strap our breasts down. From corsets in the 16th Century to sitting at a desk all day or wearing underwire bras to sleep, we’ve found many ways to keep our breasts from moving.

While it’s unrealistic to say that you shouldn’t work at a desk or wear underwire bras, I encourage you to utilize breast movement as an antidote. Daily massage of your breast tissue (don’t forget your armpit area) with organic oil such as coconut or sesame is an easy, yet effective way to maintain breast health. It just takes five minutes to do (do it while you’re in the shower!). Simply grab, rub and move your breast tissue. Work your way around the breast, moving to the armpit and down the upper arm. If you have a history of lumps or cysts, try using castor oil as it helps remove stagnation.

Another way to break up stagnation is to take off your bra for a few hours a day to allow for movement and circulation in your breasts. The more movement the better; do jumping jacks, go horseback riding, or jump on a trampoline. At night sleep in a chemise, t-shirt or in the buff.  If you feel unsupported you can try a loose fitting “sleep bra.”  Without this type of movement, stagnation can occur and stagnation is one of the main causes of cancer and ill health.

Diet and lifestyle choices are also very important to breast health. Ill health caused by obesity is linked, on many levels, to a stagnate lifestyle. It’s best to choose organic, GMO free, whole, local foods from your local grocery store or farmers market. Add flavors to foods that are fresh, seasonal and unprocessed through spices or herbs, and try to avoid processed and packaged foods and even leftovers. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “is this what this food looked like when it came from nature?”

Another tip is to choose antiperspirant free deodorants. The chemicals in antiperspirant block the drainage of our lymph’s creating toxic build up which can move into our breast tissue. One of my favorite brands is Schmidt’s natural deodorant which keeps me dry and smelling good.

In addition to these tips, try to make time for daily movement or exercise and make sure to get enough rest.  Take some time each day or week to sit quietly or for a stroll in nature. It’s these simple principles that can maintain our breast and overall health.

In summation:

  • Move your breast every day.  Jump, shake, and massage the breast tissue.
  • Massage your breasts and underarms with coconut or sesame oil for five minutes daily.
  • Don’t sleep in your bras, especially ones with underwire. Sleep in loose clothing or in the buff; let your breasts move freely.
  • Switch to natural deodorant.  Schmidts makes a great one.  (Find it here)
  • Choose food that is as close to its original natural form as possible.
  • Take time for yourself through daily movement.  Even a short walk each day can work wonders for your health.

Hilary Donaldson is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Yoga Teacher in the Boston area. You can reach her at elementalayurvedayoga@gmail.com 

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Monday Moodboard: Birds of a Feather…


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Monday Moodboard: Dream A Little Dream

Dreamy little shots are what I’m about this week.   I love how well lingerie fits into whimsical and lovely pictures like these…and I just can’t resist sharing the shot of that sweet little moth.  Here’s to a happy week! xoxo






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Love Chantelle? Buy Any Two Bras, Get Free Tote

Chantelle has always been one our very favorite purveyors of lingerie.  We love their willingness to innovate as well as their dedication to classic silhouettes and styles.   Our philosophies are always the same; we here at Winks believe in well fitting, beautiful lingerie and Chantelle always provides us with just that.

Which is why we’re excited to promote the brand through a free gift with purchase program starting this weekend.   Now, whenever you buy two Chantelle bras or a full set at Forty Winks, we’ll give you a free Chantelle tote bag courtesy of the designers themselves.

Here are a few Chantelle pieces to pique your interest.  Hope to see you soon!


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Monday Moodboard: Turn And Face The Sun!

Today we are a city turning away from the shadows and facing the sun!  Good luck to all of our friends and family running in today’s marathon!  XOXO!


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Ease Into Spring: New from Eberjey

Roxie Chemise (2)

Golden Girl Flutter Cami and Tap Short PistachioColette Chemise Pearl GrayRoxie B and ALRRoxie - Cover Option

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One of the things one learns while working with lingerie is that sexiness… and seduction… comes in so many forms. I personally find it fascinating to watch what people pick out… and what turns them on… or off. Enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage

xoxo Jemesii

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Best Bras: Our 2013 Favorites

Many of these favorite are now on sale online and in store.


Left to right, top to bottom:

1. Timpa
2. Chantelle
3. Beautiful Bottoms
4. Hopeless Lingerie
5. Chantelle
6. Mimi Holliday
7. Elle Macpherson Intimates
8. Huit
9. Cosabella
10. Calvin Klein
11. Elle Macpherson Intimates
12. Calvin Klein
13. Blush Lingerie
14. OnGossamer
15. Stella McCartney
16. Wacoal
17. Chantelle
18. Marlies Dekkers
19. Stella McCartney
20. Chantelle
21. Natori
22. Zinke
23. Natori
24. Eberjey
25. Huit

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Port”land of Lovely Lingerie”

A cool fall breeze has swept over Boston on my first week back at Forty Winks after some late August traveling and summer fun; but I couldn’t be happier to be here! As I much as I love to travel, there’s no place like home…. though one place I visited earned a special place in my heart.

The highlight of my summer travels was, without a doubt, a trip to Portland, Oregon. The hype is right on: Portland is truly RAD.

portland sign

Walking around sipping the most delicious lattes I’ve ever tasted, I was lured into store after store with displays of lingerie ranging from elegantly delicate to deliciously naughty.

‘L’ is for Lingerie in the Alphabet District

As soon as I met Laura Fitzpatrick, it was clear that Laura shares the kind of enthusiasm we have at Forty Winks for finding lingerie for everybody. And I mean that literally: every BODY. Laura is a fit expert and she has absolutely beautiful taste in lingerie. Her boutique,  Oh Baby, is filled with “luxurious, sexy lingerie” and carries many of the same brands we have at Forty Winks, such as Cosabella, Mimi Holliday, Clo, Huit, Maison Close, Chantelle, and Panache.  Laura’s creativity shines in her displays, which are quirky, flirty, and fun. There is even a bed in the middle of the store with a mannequin perched on it dressed in a gorgeous chemise.

oh baby

In the summer season especially, Oh Baby caters to the brides of Portland. There were racks and racks of beautiful white and ivory boustiers in the back of the store in a wide range of sizes when I visited. Though not the specialty of the boutique, there are also designer sex toys for sale from brands such as Lelo and we-vibe, as well as lotions and candles. Oh Baby is a must-visit on a trip to Portland!


three penny mercantile

Though I love thrift shopping, I had never ventured into the world of vintage lingerie until this trip. I was drawn into Three Penny Mercantile by the store’s inviting sign and racks of men’s patterned shirts. In an all-too-familiar scenario, what started as a search for a shirt for my boyfriend turned into trying things on for myself! I was thrilled to find a small, but stellar, collection of vintage chemises and a gorgeous bustier at the store. The shop owner, Kelsey, is an absolute doll and would likely be my fashion icon if I lived in Portland! I quickly fell in love with her Chihuahua who serves as the store mascot.  Kelsey has a fantastic eye for style… who knows what lingerie she’ll have added to her collection when you visit!


Luxurious Lower East End Lingerie

Before leaving Portland, I made sure to visit Lille, a boutique that was recommended to me repeatedly. I visited to Lower East End location and it is an absolutely gorgeous store. Everywhere I turned were vintage chic displays of Forty Winks favorite lines such as Stella McCartney, Fortnight, Huit, Beautiful Bottoms, Only Hearts, and Eberjey, in addition to Wolford, The Lake and Stars, and Araks.


Lille is truly the ultimate store for girls… not only do they sell lingerie, but also candles, soaps, lotions, jewelry… and SHOES. Though it is a small selection, the shoes at Lille are simultaneously funky and classy… and looked comfortable to boot (no pun intended…)! It is a truly lovely boutique where one could easily spend an afternoon browsing away…. and playing dress up with lingerie and heels in the dressing rooms decorated with old newspaper, magazine clippings, antique tables, and big mirrors.


Gettin’ Down and Dirty (in the best sense of the word) in Downtown Portland

On the airplane to Portland, I learned from my guidebook that Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other major city in the country. I was not surprised, therefore, that the first lingerie/sex toy store I encountered was filled with fun, colorful, glitzy lingerie and tons of accessories! Bristol Six pasties galore, thigh highs with sexy designs, and (in true Portland fashion) even nipple clamps with beautiful feathers and charms handmade by store employees!


The lovely Claire welcomed my boyfriend and me to Fantasy‘s downtown Portland location . She showed us around the store with a warm smile on her face and just the right kind of attitude that made us feel comfortable and excited about what the store had to offer. Her laid back attitude displayed the store’s commitment to encouraging experimentation in all areas surrounding sexuality… whether it be through lingerie, accessories, sex toys, or even books!



Just a few blocks from Fantasy is Spartacus, which had a more classic “sex shop” feel – as if just the fact of being in there was some sort of transgression! My favorite things about Spartacus were: 1. the bag claim ticket I was given upon arrival (see bottom left of photo), 2. their beautifully beaded masks, 3. our shared love of Maison Close, 4. the wide range of lingerie and hosiery sizes available. Their lingerie is not for sale online and only some accessories are available online… so go visit in person!


I hope that if your travels bring you to Portland, Oregon that you will have the opportunity to visit these fantastic shops… and that you enjoy the city as much as I did!!!

xo, Ari

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