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3 Valentine’s Day Looks To Try

The Bodysuit with Thigh Highs:

I love the look of a sexy bodysuit with thigh highs or even over patterned tights.  It’s sophisticated and sexy, and also a lingerie look that’s easily worn underneath date night clothing.   Another option is to skip the hosiery and slip into a pair of over the knee boots.  Same look and so stunning.


The Straight Up Sexy Garter Belt Ensemble:

A total no brainer when dressing for a special night, the addition of a garter belt to any lingerie ensemble is always a hit.    Despite the widespread use of  this look for sexy time, it’s not one that’s expected, it’s one that’s eagerly anticipated.



The Robe Over Nothing But Naughty Undies:

I love the more-is-more look of a slinky robe and then the less-is-more look of nothing but super sexy underwear underneath.  Try open back undies or a tiny g-string for a look that will appeal to those who like to, well, get naked fast.




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Shop Small (Medium or Large) at Forty Winks!


In honor of Small Business Saturday, I chatted with Rachel and Meredith about their reasons for opening Forty Winks, and their thoughts on small businesses and community.

What inspired you to open Forty Winks?

We met working at Mint Julep, a local, woman-owned clothing boutique. At work, we often bonded over our shared bra-shopping woes. We had terrible experiences shopping for lingerie! When we went to department stores, we felt overwhelmed by the myriad options and lack of help from salespeople. Walking into high-end lingerie boutiques was equally intimidating as a twenty-something woman. We heard these sentiments echoed by many of our customers at Mint Julep; and we realized that there a good local lingerie boutique was just what Harvard Square needed!

2010: Rachel gazing at what would become Forty Winks


What was your vision for Forty Winks when you opened the store?

We aimed to create a friendly, open environment and to develop a sense of community among our employees, customers, and the neighborhood. It was important to us that the boutique felt like a place we and our friends would want to shop, and also be welcoming to women older and younger than we are! We wanted to create a body-positive environment and make people of all genders feel comfortable shopping for lingerie for themselves or for gifts.

What are some ways in which Forty Winks helps to support other small business?

We are members of the Harvard Square Business Association (H.S.B.A)  and Cambridge Local First which provides us with an opportunity to interact with other area business-owners. Through H.S.B.A., we participate in the “Biz-To-Biz” program, through which members of the organization provide mutual discounts to store owners and employees. This makes it easier for all of us to support other local businesses, and enables us to tell our customers about how awesome they are! We also keep H.S.B.A.’s maps of all the stores in the Square on hand, so that we can show tourists how to get to all of our favorite other small-businesses.

2014: Forty Winks in all its glory!


What do you enjoy about owning a store in Harvard Square?

Harvard square is a wonderful place to have a small boutique because the Cambridge community understands and appreciates small businesses. Our customers are loyal to the store because they appreciate the time we and our employees spend giving each customer individual attention to find bras that look and feel great. People appreciate that our selection is hand-picked and think about the care, effort, and love that goes into running the boutique! We love being a part of the Cambridge community, which has a small town feel even though it’s a large city!

Please come celebrate small business with us and enjoy a 20% discount off the entire store tomorrow, Saturday, November 29th! We are also offering a discount online through Monday, December 1st at midnight with the code “shopsmall”.  To borrow the words of our neighbor, Harvard Bookstore:


Hugs, kisses, and many thanks for your support!

~ Ari


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Small Business Saturday

Shop Small Email 2014

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Movement: An Easy Way To Keep Your Breasts Healthy

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and guest blogger Hilary Donaldson tells us how to keep our breasts healthy though movement and mindfulness.  Thanks Hilary!

We are all concerned about our breast health as women today. According to U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics, breast cancer will affect around 1 out of every 10 women during their lifetime. Our breasts are very important to us. They provide nourishment to our babies, make us feel beautiful as women, and give us pleasure. So let’s talk about how to protect these amazing breasts of ours through movement.

breast health

Moving our breasts whether through massage, running, or foreplay is extremely important for maintaining healthy tissue and a healthy lymphatic system, yet as time has progressed, we have found more ways to strap our breasts down. From corsets in the 16th Century to sitting at a desk all day or wearing underwire bras to sleep, we’ve found many ways to keep our breasts from moving.

While it’s unrealistic to say that you shouldn’t work at a desk or wear underwire bras, I encourage you to utilize breast movement as an antidote. Daily massage of your breast tissue (don’t forget your armpit area) with organic oil such as coconut or sesame is an easy, yet effective way to maintain breast health. It just takes five minutes to do (do it while you’re in the shower!). Simply grab, rub and move your breast tissue. Work your way around the breast, moving to the armpit and down the upper arm. If you have a history of lumps or cysts, try using castor oil as it helps remove stagnation.

Another way to break up stagnation is to take off your bra for a few hours a day to allow for movement and circulation in your breasts. The more movement the better; do jumping jacks, go horseback riding, or jump on a trampoline. At night sleep in a chemise, t-shirt or in the buff.  If you feel unsupported you can try a loose fitting “sleep bra.”  Without this type of movement, stagnation can occur and stagnation is one of the main causes of cancer and ill health.

Diet and lifestyle choices are also very important to breast health. Ill health caused by obesity is linked, on many levels, to a stagnate lifestyle. It’s best to choose organic, GMO free, whole, local foods from your local grocery store or farmers market. Add flavors to foods that are fresh, seasonal and unprocessed through spices or herbs, and try to avoid processed and packaged foods and even leftovers. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “is this what this food looked like when it came from nature?”

Another tip is to choose antiperspirant free deodorants. The chemicals in antiperspirant block the drainage of our lymph’s creating toxic build up which can move into our breast tissue. One of my favorite brands is Schmidt’s natural deodorant which keeps me dry and smelling good.

In addition to these tips, try to make time for daily movement or exercise and make sure to get enough rest.  Take some time each day or week to sit quietly or for a stroll in nature. It’s these simple principles that can maintain our breast and overall health.

In summation:

  • Move your breast every day.  Jump, shake, and massage the breast tissue.
  • Massage your breasts and underarms with coconut or sesame oil for five minutes daily.
  • Don’t sleep in your bras, especially ones with underwire. Sleep in loose clothing or in the buff; let your breasts move freely.
  • Switch to natural deodorant.  Schmidts makes a great one.  (Find it here)
  • Choose food that is as close to its original natural form as possible.
  • Take time for yourself through daily movement.  Even a short walk each day can work wonders for your health.

Hilary Donaldson is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Yoga Teacher in the Boston area. You can reach her at elementalayurvedayoga@gmail.com 

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Monday Moodboard: Birds of a Feather…


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Show Your Momma Some Love: Our Mother’s Day Picks

Stumped about what to get your mom this Sunday?  We’re here to help!  Behold our top 5 picks for making your mama happy this Mother’s Day.

Eberjey Short PJ Sets: 

Spruce up mom’s spring sleepwear with this comfy and cute PJ set! Comfy and practical, this button-down top and matching shorts are sure to please.

sleep tee.jpg

Samantha Chang My Daily Slip:

This beautifully fitting slip can be mom’s go-to for under dresses and skirts. It’s also a lovely little nightie! The matching lace undies available in store make a gorgeous set.

sam chang collage.jpg

Mary Green Silk Chemise and Eye Mask:

Help mom get her much deserved beauty rest with this luxurious chemise in 100% silk. She’ll love the adorable silk eye mask she can flip for morning or night… after all, moms should sleep in style too!

mary green.jpg

Eberjey Gisele Classic Robe:

Its soft, lightweight material makes the Gisele robe comfy all year long. It hits just above the knee; and the belt is sown on so it can’t get lost! This robe is perfect for the mom who likes to relax at home while looking elegant.


Lola Haze Vionnet Chemise:

From one of our favorite independent designers in New York, Lola Haze brings us a stunning white 100% silk chemise with a chiffon chevron pattern in nude, and black contrast straps. Your mom will love this modern twist on the classic silk chemise!

lola haze chemise.jpg

We are happy to help you find a gift in store before Sunday. For online shoppers, we now offer free shipping and returns, which means we can send your gift straight to mom. Happy almost-mother’s-day to all!

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Monday Moodboard: Dream A Little Dream

Dreamy little shots are what I’m about this week.   I love how well lingerie fits into whimsical and lovely pictures like these…and I just can’t resist sharing the shot of that sweet little moth.  Here’s to a happy week! xoxo






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Monday Moodboard: What Moves You?

We all have imagery that speaks to us directly, that evokes a particular feeling in a really personal way.  This week’s Moodboard is made up of pictures that whispered to me this week. What images speak to you?

xoxo -R


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Happy Birthday Forty Winks!

Four years ago today, we opened our doors and sold our very first bra.  It’s been such an amazing road and we’re so grateful to all of our dear customers for making the past few years so rewarding for us.   Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Rachel and Meredith


4yearblog54yearblog4yearblogOpening party 1


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Monday Moodboard: Back Details

There’s something so special about back detailing.  Whether worn under sheer shirts as a meant-to-be-seen statement or cloaked and revealed in private, back details are one of my favorite parts of lingerie wearing.


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